“Right before I close my eyes, the only thing that’s on my mind, been dreaming that you feel it too. I wonder what it’s like to be loved by you”_ S.P.R. Mendes The night breeze is crispy against the leaves in the thicket. The crickets singing their nightly melody and the occasional croak of a […]


Dear Pen and Paper,

I sit here in the room, the scenery outside my window wild and dark: with a rushing wind rising and clouds thickening. The stars fail to grace me with their magnificent presence tonight and a storm is fast approaching…I haven’t resorted to the pen for so long, it’s feels foreign. Off late, my mind has […]

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_” 🎶I see you and I hear you loud as a bomb wanting a shoulder to cry on, tumbling fast… I’ll teach you to fly before you fall away🎶” _ Cynthia Erivo. I saw the train wreck of what was labelled her life before it came, dangerously hurtling down a slope. Maybe, just maybe had […]

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Bizaba byiza : `It will be well’

We keep this love in a photograph. We keep this memories for ourselves, where our eyes are never closing,hearts are never broken and time’s forever frozen still        Its 4:30 am at the school and unlike other students who are now slowly stirring awake., Aliza is already bathed and ready for the day. The reason […]

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You and me, against the world

I don’t know what’s in the stars, never had it from above ,the world isn’t ours but I know what’s in my heart.if you ain’t mine I’d be torn apart          It was great at the very start. They had met at a conference in Hilton at a friend’s wedding and they had clicked like […]

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Star crossed🌑

Ten years later,  bombing occured in a restaurant in Kabul killing three and injuring sixteen people but a few suspects had been captured . Over the years I had gained favour in the eyes of my seniors and I had been promoted to the post of rear admiral which meant I was incharge of all […]

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Star crossed💔

“Why can’t I say that am in love I wanna shout it from the roof top’ I sat bolt upright in bed, breathing hard , my flesh clammy and  the sheets churned up around me. My thoughts were disheveled as I tried to reconcile the cosiness of my bedroom with the gruesome scene I had […]

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